Тип А (0.4-0.75kW)

Тип B (1.0-2.3kW)


Control MethodIGBT PWM controlled since ave current drive
Encoder2500ppr incremental encoder, 17 bit absolute encoder
Input signal8*DI, Select input function according to function code configuration
Output signal4*DO, Select input function according to function code configuration
Analog signal input2 channel AI input, range (-10v〜10v)
Pulse signal inputOpen collector or differential input
Pulse feedback outputA,B,Z differential output
Internal instructionsSupport 8 internal speed commands and multiple internal position commands
Modbus communicationchannel 1
PC communicationRS422 port, parameter setting, monitoring status, waveform viewing, parameter auto-tuning
Braking resistorBuilt-in braking resistor, supporting external braking resistor
General function
Automatic parameter tuningIt can cooperate with the host computer for automatic load inertia identification and automatic rigidity level, and the parameters self tuning
Waveform viewingView position, speed, torque and other curves on PC in real time
Waveform storageThe waveform sampling frequency is 1KHz and the original waveform data can be stored for up to 10s
Parameter import/exportSupport batch parameter import and export, support PCL automatic configurstion of servo parameters (supported by the same models)
Vibration suppressionSuppress mechanical vibration by settling vibration suppression parameters
Protective functionOvervoltage, overcurrent, overspeed, overload, overheating, encoder failure, excessive position deviation, torque limit, speed limit, etc.
BrakeSupport brake output control
Universal control DIServo enable (SON), fault and warning clear (A-CLR), forward drive prohibition (POT), reverse drive prohibition (NOT), command reverse (C-SIGN), emergency stop (E-STOP), gain switching (GAIN-SEL), multi-stage internal speed command selection (INSPD1, INSPD2, INSPD3)
Universal control DOServo ready (RDY), fault signal (ALM), warning signal (WARN), rotation detection (TGON), zero speed signal (ZSP), torque limit (T-LIMIT), speed limit (V-LIMIT), servo on state output (SRV-ST), servo brake output (BRK-OFF)
Position mode
Input controlDeviation counter clear (CL), electronic gear switching 1 (GEAR-SEL), pulse input inhibit (INH), command inversion (C-GIN)
Output controlPositioning complete (P-COIN), positioning approach (P-NEAR)
Pulse frequencymax 500KHz
Pulse typePulse + Direction, CCW/CW pulse, orthogonal coding
Electronig gear ratiorange: 0.01〜100
Pulse filteringLow-pass filter or smooth filter
Pulse outputDifferential orthogonal coding A, B, Z output, PPR is settable, can be set to integer or fraction
Torque limitForward/reverse operation torque limit is settable
Speed limitForward/reverse operation speed limit is settable
Speed mode
Control inputZero clamp (ZCLAMP), command inversion (C-SIGN), speed limit analog input
Control outputVelocity consistent (V-COIN), speed approach (V-NEAR)
Analog input-10V〜+10V analog input
Internal commandSet the speed via internal function code
Soft startacc. and dec. time are settable
Zero clampMotor speed can be clamped to zero via the setting of zero clamp function
Torque limitSet the torque limit
Torque mode
Command outputCommand inversion (C-SIGN), speed limit analog input
Control outputTorque reached (T-COIN), speed limit (V-LIMIT)
Analog input-10V〜+10V analog input
Internal commandSet torque through internal parameter
Speed limitLimits maximum speed in torque mode


Серво Мотор
Серво модел Мощност
Мотор модел Номинален ток
Въртящ момент
Макс. Въртящ момент
Инерция на ротора
Размери Спирачка Кабел
VD2-010SA1G0.4 WD60M-04030S-A1F2.51.273.8130000.52x10-492 mm-Тип A
WD60M-04030S-A1G2.51.33.8130000.62x10-4121.5 mmДаТип A
VD2-014SA1G0.75 WD80M-07530S-A1F4.42.397.1730001.48x10-498.5 mm-Тип A
WD80M-07530S-A1G4.42.47.1730001.78x10-4132.5 mmДаТип A
VD2-016SE1G-E0831.0 WD80M-10025S-E1B4.44.01225002.97x10-4191 mm-Тип A
WD80M-10025S-E1C4.44.01225002.97x10-4231 mmДаТип A
VD2-016SE1G-E0921.0 WD130M-10025S-E1B4.04.01225000.85x10-4166 mm-Тип A
WD130M-10025S-E1C4.04.01225000.85x10-4223 mmДаТип A
VD2-019SE1G-E1131.5 WD130M-15025S-E1B6.06.018.025001.26x10-4179 mm-Тип B
WD130M-15025S-E1C6.06.018.025001.26x10-4249 mmДаТип B
VD2-016SE1G-E1221.5 WD130M-15015S-E1B6.010.02515001.94x10-3213 mm-Тип B
WD130M-15015S-E1C6.010.02515001.94x10-3294 mmДаТип B
VD2-019SE1G-E1321.8 WD110M-18030S-E1B6.06.018.030000.76x10-3219 mm-Тип C
WD110M-18030S-E1C6.06.018.030000.76x10-3293 mmДаТип C
VD2-021SE1G-E1512.0WD130M-20025S-E1B7.57.722.0250015.3x10-4219 mm-Тип C
VD2-019SE1G-E1612.3WD130M-23015S-E1B9.515.030.0150027.7x10-4241 mm-Тип C


Тип кабел Модел Дължина Тип
ЕнкодерE-J1394-R9M-3MX53mТип А
ЗахранващP-Z3O1-R4M-3MX43mТип А
ЕнкодерE-J1394-R9M-5MX55mТип А
ЗахранващP-Z3O1-R4M-5MX45mТип А
ЕнкодерE-J1394-R9M-10MX510mТип А
ЗахранващP-Z3O1-R4M-10MX410mТип А
ЕнкодерE-D15G-R15M-3MX153mТип B
ЗахранващP-U3O1-R4M-3MX43m Тип B
ЕнкодерE-D15G-R15M-5MX155mТип B
ЗахранващP-U3O1-R4M-5MX45mТип B
ЕнкодерE-D15G-R15M-10MX1510mТип B
ЗахранващP-U3O1-R4M-10MX410mТип B
ЕнкодерE-D15G-H28J15M-3MX153mТип C
ЗахранващP-U3O1-H28J4M-3MX43mТип C
ЕнкодерE-D15G-H28J15M-5MX155mТип C
ЗахранващP-U3O1-H28J4M-5MX45mТип C
ЕнкодерE-D15G-H28J15M-10MX1510mТип C
ЗахранващP-U3O1-H28J4M-10MX410mТип C